Welcome, I am Mark W. Datysgeld, a researcher and consultant from Brazil with a master's in International Relations focused on the themes of Internet Governance and the impacts of technology on public and private policymaking, often working under the Governance Primer brand. I coded this website in order to gather my key publications in an open, structured, and accessible archive; please enjoy it at your leisure.


Long-form writing

Short-form writing

  • 2020 [EN] [PT-BR] The Challenge of Access to Safe Internet Pharmacies and Medicines During Pandemics
  • 2020 [EN] [PT-BR] Is There Such a Thing as Technical Internet Governance?
  • 2020 [EN] [PT-BR] Can the propagation of COVID-19 threaten the Internet's stability?
  • 2020 [EN] [PT-BR] The digital sovereignty debate at the 2019 Internet Governance Forum
  • 2019 [EN] [PT-BR] War of the straws: Evolving global thoughts and policies on plastics
  • 2019 [EN] [PT-BR] The European Union wants a new Internet: From Macron's speech to the search for new paths for the network
  • 2018 [EN] [PT-BR] How to reform basic education for a digital future: views from a multistakeholder group
  • 2018 [EN] [PT-BR] What lies behind FIFA and its global power game?
  • 2018 [EN] [PT-BR] The 2018 IGF's failure to head towards meaningful change
  • 2018 [EN] [PT-BR] Paying for freedom: Tanzanian government imposes extortion tax for bloggers Printed
  • 2018 [EN] [PT-BR] World Water Day: The hidden potential of the Tietê River Printed
  • 2018 [EN] [PT-BR] Facebook tries to reinvent itself: keeping users in conflict became less lucrative Printed
  • 2017 [EN] [PT-BR] Nothing is free: what is the real price of your data on Facebook?
  • 2017 [EN] [PT-BR] The many pieces of the multistakeholder puzzle IEEE
  • 2017 [EN] [PT-BR] The Internet's private governance collides with virtual extremism
  • 2017 [EN] [PT-BR] Threats to domain names: typosquatting, doppelganger domains and IDN phishing
  • 2017 [EN] [PT-BR] What makes the virtual attack WannaCry so relevant?
  • 2016 [EN] [PT-BR] Google will enter Cuba, but Internet connectivity will not be improved Printed
  • 2016 [EN] [PT-BR] Brief analysis of Brazil's participation in ICANN
  • 2016 [EN] [PT-BR] US 2016 election proves the growing political importance of WikiLeaks Revised in 2018
  • 2016 [EN] [PT-BR] How to protect States from espionage: the Brazilian response
  • 2015 [EN] [PT-BR] Are 3D printed guns a threat to global security? Revised in 2018
  • 2015 [EN] [PT-BR] Issues and disputes relevant to the new gTLD .music
  • 2015 [EN] [PT-BR] Drones and society: between progress and uncertainty Revised in 2018

Video publications

Five panelists discuss at Workshop number 111 of 2019's IGF Four panelists discuss in front of an audience at Workshop number 267 of 2019's IGF Panelists get together after Workshop number 293 of 2019's IGF Five panelists discuss in front of an audience at Workshop number 369 of 2018's IGF Five panelists discuss at a Cross-Community session on open data during ICANN 61 Seven panelists discuss in front of an audience at Workshop number 90 of 2017's IGF Two panelists and an attendant discuss at Workshop number 169 of 2017's IGF Three panelists discuss at Workshop number 225 of 2016's IGF Two men stand in front of each other discussing the Universal Acceptance project The opening screen of the documentary Dispelling the Darkness: The Reflexes of Indian Culture in Brazil


  • Accomplishments
  • 2017-now Working as a consultant of Internet Governance and Policies
  • 2016-2019 Contributor to the São Paulo State University's (UNESP) podcasts in the Global Governance and Technology subjects
  • 2019 Developer of lessons for Instituto New Law on the themes of "deepfakes" and "additive manufacturing"
  • 2018 Selected as Future Leader by the International Institute of Communications (IIC)
  • 2016-2018 Founder and coordinator of university-focused introductory Interent Governance courses, carried out in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay
  • 2015-2018 Founding member of the research group Núcleo de Estudos e Análises Internacionais IPPRI/UNESP (NEAI)
  • 2017 Master's degree in International Relations
  • 2017-2018 Student at the South School of Internet Governance
  • 2017 Student at the Brazil School of Internet Governance
  • 2016-2017 Founding member and DJ of the cultural event Bloco Bollywood
  • 2014 BA in International Relations
  • 2012-2014 Internships in the Sustainable Development area
  • 2012-2014 Producer of the documentary "Dispelling the Darkness: The Reflexes of Indian Culture in Brazil"
  • 2012-2013 Undergraduate research in International Relations
  • 2007 Editor of the English translation of Wonder Project J2: Koruro no Mori no Josette
  • ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  • 2020-now GNSO Councilor: Business Constituency
  • 2017-now Attending as a consultant within the Business Constituency
  • 2016-now Support and speaker for ICANN during the Latin American events ABRINT, Futurecom, LAC DNS Forum, LAC Registry Training and RioInfo
  • 2018-2020 Universal Acceptance Ambassador for the Latin American region
  • 2019 Lead drafter of the Business Constituency's comments on "Evolving ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model"
  • 2018-2019 Member of the ICANN Next Generation program selection committee
  • 2018 Coordinated "Universal Acceptance in Brazil 2018: Proof of Concept E-mail Address Acceptance Study"
  • 2018 Featured in the March edition of the ICANN newsletter for the Latin American region
  • 2018 Speaker at the main stage session: "Open Data & Information Transparency at ICANN: Developing Avenues Forward"
  • 2017-2019 ICANN Fellow Coach (60th and 64th meeting)
  • 2016-2017 ICANN Fellow (55th and 58th meetings)
  • 2016 ICANN Next Generation Ambassador (56th meeting)
  • 2015 ICANN Next Generation (53rd meeting)
  • IGF – United Nation's Internet Governance Forum
  • 2020 Input provided for "Taking Stock of the IGF 2019 and Call for Inputs for the IGF 2020"
  • 2019 Panelist of WS 111: "Business innovations foster digital inclusion, bridge gaps"
  • 2019 Panelist of WS 267: "A tutorial on public policy essentials of data governance"
  • 2019 Panelist of WS 293: "Unlocking the digital potential of the DLDC countries"
  • 2019 Input provided for "Report of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation"
  • 2019 Input provided for "Taking stock of the 13th IGF and suggestions for the 14th IGF"
  • 2018 Organizer of WS 369: "A BRIC hit the Web: Finding patterns in digital policymaking"
  • 2018 Organizer of Lightning Session 23: "Frags and Rushes: Esports and the digital competition explosion"
  • 2018 Panelist of WS 407: "Internet Governance and Regulations in Latin America: Commemorating 10 years of the South School on Internet Governance"
  • 2017 Organizer of WS 169: "How to leverage BRICS digital advantages and leave behind our shortcomings?"
  • 2017 Panelist of WS 90: "Achieving the 2030 sustainable development agenda in a digital future: Where do youth stand?"
  • 2017 Rapporteur of WS 161: "Explaining Internet governance to friends & family 101: How to improve our communication?"
  • 2017 Assistant of OF 53: "Harnessing digital economy opportunities by supporting SMEs in Information Technology adoption”
  • 2017 Paper presented at the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) in Switzerland
  • 2016 Organizer of WS 225: "Hands-on youth-driven Internet initiatives"
  • 2015 Local Staff on the video streaming team


Please reach out to me over at LinkedIn.